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Hi everyone, I am have these paper for my Sports Op/Facility Management class and i would like your help. The following is what the paper asks for.

Part 1: In your own words, define or determine what financial success looks like in a major sport construction project. This could be a list of bullet points, a chart/table (like a grading rubric), etc.. Explain the significance and necessity of each element.

Part 2: Research a major sport construction project in a large city such as Dallas, New York, Brooklyn, Santa Clara, etc.. Based on your definition of financial success from Part 1, determine if the researched construction project is/was a financial success. What factors led you to that conclusion?

Assignments are expected to be in APA format and have 2-4 pages of content (title and reference pages do not count as content). Be sure to cite all sources of information.

Please if you any questions don’t hesitate to ask me.

Requirements: APA | Research Paper | 3 pages, Double spaced

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I would term the American Airline Center in Dallas, Texas as a financial success based on the parameters described in part 1. First, the center has become self-sustaining following the hundreds of millions in revenues it makes each year. According to Moore (n.d), the construction of the American Airlines Center was completed in 2001, and it cost USD420 million on average. The center currently has an average revenue of USD 75 million annually, making the initial investment well worth it. The concept of self-sustenance is based on whether the business can refund investors for the original cost they incurred to translate the vision into reality. If the average annual income is correct, then the center paid off its initial cost within the first six or so years of its use. This reality addresses the fundamental threshold for successful sports construction projects by showing that the initial investment is easily recoverable within the first few years.

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Construction project