Key concepts of utilitarianism ethics

Read excerpts from Bentham’s Principles of Morals and Legislation from the link provided. (1) Using your own words, give a brief summary of utilitarianism; (2) Select two quotes from the reading to discuss key concepts of utilitarianism ethics; and, (3) Provide an example from a contemporary ethical issue (provide link and explain). (250 words minimum).

Requirements: 250 words minimum

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An example of a contemporary ethical issue is Ford Motor Company is an organization that has existed for well over a century. The company has, since its inception, endeavored to manufacture high-quality and safe vehicles. However, between the early 1970s and the late 1980s, Ford dealt with a serious safety scandal involving its Ford Pinto (The Spokesman-Review, 2008). A leaked memo from the company implicated senior management in the injuries and deaths of many people using the Ford Pinto (The Spokesman-Review, 2008). When faced with the dilemma of whether to recall its faulty car and incur considerable expenses in the

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Key concepts of utilitarianism ethics