Organizational Map and Polypharmacy

  1. Assignment #1 Obtain a copy of organization map. See attachment with organization
  1. Describe what kind of organization you believe this to be?
  2. Is this mostly vertical or horizontal?
  3. Why do you think that this organization level was selected?
  4. Does the size of the hospital have anything to do with the organization’s structure?

Assignment #2

There are many interventions when we point out the difficulties medicating the elderly. Certainly we must start with the saying, “Start low, go slow” This is one of the most popular and abided by phrase in gerontology practice.


  1. Read the Polypharmacy in Older Adults at Home article, and then answer the questions in attachment.

Requirements: 1 or more page each

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One of the major reasons that could have led to this structure is its flexibility to large organizations. Each department is run independently, allowing them to make decisions that meet their existing needs and those of their patients. The structure also allows for quick changes in the organization in response to external or internal trends like market forces. A divisional structure promotes autonomy, independence, and a customized approach (Benzer et al., 2017). Decision-making is faster because there is minimal red tape or bureaucracy.

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Organizational Map and Polypharmacy