Cultural practices

Q1. Think for a while about cultural practices and how they affect health or illness in your own family (diabetes type 2 and hypertension). They may be difficult to identify as such at first, but they do exist. What ideas about illness prevention does your family adhere to? What do you do when someone gets sick? What rituals does your family practice when someone dies?

Q.2 In thinking of five social determinants of health as identified in Healthy People 2020, identify the social determinants specifically that may be barriers to home care and case or care management services, and explain why.

Req: APA style, 500 words in total (250 each questions) 3 paragraphs (3-4 sentences each), 3 references per question including the textbook. Demarco, R. F., & Healey-Walsh, J. (2020). Community and Public Health Nursing. Philadelphia: Wolters Kluwer Health.

Requirements: 500

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Another barrier to home-based care is health and healthcare. Healthcare institutions do not provide adequate supporting infrastructure and training to the personnel managing home care. Medical supplies such as life-sustaining and assistive durable medical equipment are limited (Stuck et al., 2017). Also, insufficient staff resources are assigned to home-based care, which compels patients to care for themselves. It means that the client lacks quality care at home due to the unavailability of healthcare givers. As a result, the continuous health monitoring crucial for home-based care’s success is affected, which reduced the preference for care management services.

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Cultural practices