Internal and external customer service

For this essay, you will explore both internal and external customer service and consider ways to provide excellent service to customers within an organization and outside the organization. Your essay should address the following questions:

  1. Explain your definition of internal customer service. How do you personally provide excellent internal customer service to your colleagues?
  2. Explain your definition of external customer service. What is an example of an organization that you feel provides excellent external customer service? Describe this organization and how it provides excellent customer service.
  3. How has social media and the Internet changed customer service? What suggestions can you give to an organization that is struggling with online customer service?

Your complete essay must be at least two pages in length. Outside sources are not a requirement for this essay.

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As noted earlier, internal and external customer service complement each other, even though they are targeted at different stakeholders in a business setting. Whereas internal customer service focuses on helping colleagues, external customer service revolves around the interaction between employees and customers (Barnes et al., 2017). On most occasions, external customer service involves responding to customer queries concerning the goods and services they purchase or wish to purchase from an organization. To effectively do this, employees need to learn how to be friendly and polite during their interactions with clients. Starbucks is one of the organizations that got cited for the provision of excellent external customer service (Stansberry, 2014). Whenever a disgruntled customer called and complained about their orders, the customer service support staff promise to make them whole. Instead of refunding the customer their money, Starbucks corrected the mistake and gifted these customers fifty dollars in the form of store credit, which they could use when making future purchases.

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Internal and external customer service