Administration Technology

Research and describe any additional hardware, communication, learning, administration, or service delivery technology that would be appropriate for your organization that we have not discussed so far. Be sure to explain the usefulness to your organization and what it would require to implement the new technology. (Examples are: a new database, cloud computing, scannable ID cards, etc.)

Your paper should be at least 2-3 pages long and include the use of APA formatting.

What is Microsoft Office 365? (Links to an external site.)


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To adopt this new technology, our organization will have to look for a competent cloud provider. It is because a third party who manages virtual resources is the one who will provide the cloud services. The provider will also help the organization in transitioning to the cloud by providing the needed support to ensure the organization benefits from the new technology. The organization will also need to create a change management plan to make people understand how the new technology will change the way they go about their duties. For instance, a change management plan can explain why the change is happening, how, and with whom to share information. The organization will also need to perform a smooth cutover to ensure the technology shift does not disrupt the organization’s operations.

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Administration Technology