Management Technology

The detailed description of your innovation project should provide enough information to propose the
project to a client. The technology, deployment plan and organizational impact of the solution should
be addressed. The idea here is to compel the reader to embrace the solution. Treat this as a proposal
that you are trying to “sell” to the client.
MODIFIED (October 6): This assignment should be presented using the following sections:
1. Title Page of the Proposed Project
2. Introduction (up to 0.5 page)
3. Project Background (1-1.5 page)
a. Background of Organization (from PART 1)
b. Problem or Opportunity (from PART 1)
c. Proposed Technology Solution
4. Technology Solution Description (2-2.5 pages)
5. Deployment Requirements (0.5 – 1 page)
6. Organization-wide Impact (0.5 – 1 page)
7. Sustainability Plan (0.5 – 1 page)
8. Summary (0.5 – 1 page)
The page lengths provided above are approximations. In some cases, the template will dictate the
length of a section.
The paper should be concise. Please use the template. The body of the assignment (narrative portion)
should be 6-8 double spaced pages (not including title page) using the Times New Roman, 12-point font.
Please keep the length of the paper within guidelines provided.

Requirements: 7 Pages

Please see the attached template for this part, along with PART 1 that you assisted me with.

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With the retail e-commerce industry expected to grow in the coming years, it would be reasonable to assume that the company’s sales revenue and profitability will also grow. However, the company must address its excess inventory issues to take advantage of this opportunity. As intimated above, the COVID-19 pandemic led to an increase in online shopping. Since Walmart’s online stores were already operational, the company was forced to stock inventory to guarantee faster fulfillment of customers’ orders (Turner et al., 2022). However, the desire to attain this outcome led to the company conceding that it finished the 1st quarter of this year’s financial year with a 32% increase in its inventory (Turner et al., 2022). Store employees even indicated that the inventory was so large that they rendered the floor unwalkable, considering boxes were blocking access to vital areas due to storage challenges (Turner et al., 2022).

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Management Technology