Business model

Goal: Conduct/construct an experiential evaluation/assessment of the business model of your organization (or one with which you are closely familiar) using the business model canvas and related text.

Introduction: Managers who want to improve the effectiveness of their business model and organization, as well as to increase their own ability to manage, use diagnostics/assessments to determine the reality of business effectiveness in comparison to what they originally envisioned. Good feedback contributes to the development of plans to improve business/organizational effectiveness and management performance.

Instructions: Students will write a 2500-3000 words  properly formatted APA paper (including a title page and references page, but no abstract) that evaluates/assesses the overall effectiveness of the business model used by your organization. This is the third of three assignments that draws from your association with your organization. The previous two “canvas” assignments flow into this one. Identify one or more of the building blocks from the business model canvas where modification should be recommended. Be careful to avoid bias in determining the issue/problem identified by using the canvas. Do not merely critique, but contribute to your organization’s overall success. This paper should be the culmination of the overall work you have done with the business model canvas so that all the pieces go together.

Your final paper should include:

The paper must have at least eight additional scholarly sources in addition to the course textbook. No abstract is necessary, but a title page and references page should be included. Write your paper in third person, even though you are writing about an organization that you are familiar with. To do this, write from the perspective of a scholar who observes and researches about the case. Therefore, first person should be avoided.

Requirements: 2500-3000 words

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The company, by itself, was revolutionary, changing how individuals engage with, store, and share information. Many people perceive Google Inc. as the proprietor of the concept of cloud computing (Tran, 2017). The company came up with this concept as a mechanism to enable it to locate storage space for the vast amount of data it controlled. Due to this alteration in data storage, Google Inc. was able to expand its business operations by offering its end-users additional products like Gmail and YouTube.

Further alterations in this form of technology gave the company an opportunity to store the data from its end-user products and analyze such information to provide them with better experiences when using their products and services. Google Inc. has access to a rather large pool of resources, which it leverages to improve or hold on to its competitive advantage within the technology market (Tran, 2017). One such resource is its over one hundred and fourteen

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Business model