Organization design

Q.1 Why it is important for a group design to be congruent with the larger organization design. Support your answer using two examples from this case study

Q.2 How the group design of Ortiv’s Glass Corporation could positively or negatively impact on the diagnosis of design components at the individual level

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Another critical dimension of group design is task significance which highlights the effect of the job on the organization’s individuals. For instance, at Ortiv corporation, the team selected held importance to the new plant’s managerial functions.  The group design of this entity facilitates autonomy of tasks through job freedom which positively affects the diagnosis of design components.

On the contrary, the individual attributes of the members at Ortiv Top management level negatively influence the organizations’ job design (Cummings and Worley, 2014). Factors such as different skills, education, and job expectations. These elements have influenced how the recruited individual employees are motivated and satisfied at work. Lack of job congruence in this firm has created issues such as lack of interdepartmental relations, leading to chaotic decision-making.

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Organization design