Workforce diversity

Read the article to answer four questions (each question should be answered in 3-6 sentences)


1. Why is Alliant so committed to workforce diversity? How will this benefit the company?

2. Alliant Energy does not publicly report the results of its supplier-diversity initiatives. Do you think it should? What measures should be used to determine if its supplier-diversity initiatives are effective?

3. Do you believe the company is forcing the issue of diversity? Is it necessary to make diversity training mandatory for all employees? Explain your answer.

4. Independent surveys suggest that companies cannot easily quantify the effects of diversity. How would you suggest that Alliant measure the costs and benefits of having a diverse workforce?

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Based on the case study, promoting workforce diversity is a significant core value in the company. Hence, the company is forcing the workforce diversity issue to help employees understand the importance of this core value in promoting business success (Saxena, 2014).  The management must make diversity training mandatory because it enables employees to understand strategic ways of creating a nondiscriminatory environment. This would reduce communication problems, enhance understanding of different personalities, and promote healthy conflict resolution.

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Workforce diversity