Nonviolent drug offenses

Drug courts are supervised judicial entities that specifically deal with nonviolent drug offenses. The purpose of these courts is to accommodate recovery and restoration of the offenders to make them productive members of society.

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Here is the textbook to use for reference – Abadinsky, H. (2017). Drug Use and Abuse: A Comprehensive Introduction (9th Edition). Cengage Limited.

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In Texas state, there are several drug courts. Midland County Drug Court is one of the courts that are in my locality. The court’s purpose of enhance public safety and address the recidivism cycle while minimizing costs to the taxpayers through providing substance abuse treatment and introducing more innovative case management strategies to substance abuse offenders, and transforming them into law-abiding, productive, and sober citizens. To enable the drug court in Midland County to address the substance abuse problem, the following different agencies are involved, including private defender and release on Own Recognizance, probation, Court, District Attorney office, and drug treatment agencies (Midland Daily News. 2016, March 22). The probation office is one of the agencies involved in the drug court. The probation office conducts a secondary assessment pertaining to the needs and risk of the offender, from which personalized supervision is planned, developed, and applied. The agency motivates an offender to become a law-abiding citizen.

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Nonviolent drug offenses