Immune system in older adults

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  • Meiner, S.E., Yeager, J.J. (2019).

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The immune system of the body helps protect it from foreign substances such as bacteria, viruses, cancer cells, and tissues from other people that may harm it. The immune system helps make antibodies that help fight these harmful substances. Aging is usually associated with chronic diseases due to less immune functioning, which is associated with poor health, inflammation, and other nutritional factors. Nutritional factors improve the immune system of people, especially the youth. However, older adults are choosier when it comes to food which results in consuming less nutritious foods, which reduces their immune system making them prone to diseases such as flu (Medications Work Differently in Older Adults |, 2020). Psychological factors such as emotions, stress, and other life experiences can cause abnormality in the immune functioning through the medication of the neuroendocrine system, which results in exerting control over the immune system.

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Immune system in older adults