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Please locate a real estate related current event, news article, or other related material. Additionally, you may also attend an open house, a broker’s open, or meet a real estate professional at a social event. For this assignment, please provide a brief paragraph detailing what the article or encounter meant to you.


Please include the following in the reply box below:

  1. For a news article or other media, please include the link or source. For an open house or social event, please provide the contact information of the real estate professional and office affiliation.
  2. Provide at least a single paragraph explaining why you chose this article and what it means to real estate today. What did you learn from the article?
  3. For an open house, briefly describe what was discussed in a paragraph or two and explain if you would follow their business style. Why or why not? What would you change?

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During a conversation with a realtor about an open house visit, I learned much about the role of the host and the realtor in attracting, identifying, and convincing the customer to purchase. First, she informed me that she takes high-quality pictures to post online on Facebook Zillow and Trulia sites. Once a date is picked, she arrives at the site beforehand to ensure that the premises are clean and in good condition. Whenever buyers’ approach, she shows them the house, highlighting all the possibilities and benefits of living in the premises and neighborhood. Then she allows them to think through the purchase after informing them of the price and patent options. I found her strategies effective, showing a great deal of respect to the buyers, and would apply them in my career whenever I host an open house event. In conclusion, real estate in the country is rapidly changing, necessitating new real estate regents, sellers, and buyers.

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Real Estate