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Question Description: Read Tasos Kazepides’ book entitled “Education as Dialogue: Its prerequisites and its enemies”: Chapter 6. Write a 750 words minimum – 1000 words maximum – reflection on this reading. By reflection I mean: what did you find most interesting and/or significant about the reading. MLA. No plagiarism.

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The Joint Commission Accreditation is essential for healthcare organizations because it improves patient care quality offered by a facility (Schmaltz et al., 2015). The certification awarded is based on the quality standards applied in clinical care. It helps to minimize potential risks of error in the delivery of care. The Joint Commission Accreditation builds a better relationship with the community by developing trust and confidence in the services provided. Besides, accreditation enhances the regulatory compliance of the institution based on the state requirements.

  • Why should quality improvement be continuous?

Quality improvement should be continuous within an organization because it helps the business adapt to changes in the industry and market.

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Nursing Discussion