Research development

Week 5-8

Wk 5 DQ 1

What role does technology have in education? Should the role of technology increase or decrease? Why?

WK 5 DQ 2

What role does the educator have in keeping up with technology? How does this connect with their role in the classroom? In leadership?

WK 6 DQ 1

While the idea of leadership practices refers to the daily actions of educational leaders, the concept of leadership strategies refers to the long-term decisions and plans of the educational leader. Which of the current educational leadership strategies is most likely to remain in the future? Why?

WK 6 DQ 2

Which of the current educational leadership strategies is most likely to improve student performance over the long term? Why?

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Aligning the theoretical framework with the problem statement and purpose statement is vital because it enables the researcher to remain focused on the topic of discussion. Writing a dissertation takes time, requires more resources, endurance, and staying focused on the topic so that the researcher does not waste time looking at resources that are not in line with the subject of discussion (Harsoor, Panditrao, Rao, Bajwa, & Sahay, et al., 2022). Writing a dissertation requires properly aligning all elements, including the problem statement, the purpose, the research questions, and the hypotheses making the research smoother and narrowly focused. That enables researchers to eliminate a lot of data gathered outside the area of research. Creating a solid foundation for writing the dissertation means aligning the initial elements, which helps reduce the number of challenges associated with completing the doctoral project.

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Research development