Employees’ behavior

Include your rationale for selecting those 2 areas for employee behavior change and provide justification for your proposed method of leading that employee change. The proposal should include information about the focus of the change effort, what it is and why it needs to be changed. The change effort needs to be focused in the health behavior change models. The rationale and justification should be compelling, as they will be used to motivate employees to make the proposed change. Paper must include a minimum of 2 scholarly references in APA format.

Requirements: 500/700

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Lack of work-life balance can lead to unwanted mental issues that are counterproductive in the workplace and unhealthy for the employees. As an employee of healthcare, I would recommend the management and HR team at El Paso VA Health Care System launch a program where employees can discuss issues that are pressing them. That will create a platform to discuss employees’ priorities, set individual goals, develop schedules that will help employees manage their time more effectively, and establish personal boundaries between work and home life.

The Rationale for Recommending These Two Areas for Employee Behavior Change

To the healthcare committee, I would recommend that they make teamwork a part of the training process so that all employees can understand the meaning of being a team and engage each other in providing care (Indeed Workplace Reviews, 2021). Also, they should establish a policy that will enable employees to balance work and personal life.

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Employees’ behavior