Social media revolution

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We have all watched organizations around us change in response to technology, legislation, consumer demand, and other factors. Provide an example of an organization that has changed for the better and how this transition benefited its customers, employees, and investors.

Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. Support your claims with examples from scholarly resources, and properly cite any references in APA format.

Requirements: 200 words

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Through technology, PepsiCo created flexibility to improve the comfort of employees working from home. As a result, the organization recorded a decrease in office attendance from 65% to 50%. The Executive Vice President (EVP) of PepsiCo (Church and Ezama, 2020). Ronald Schelleken created the work that works policy to help employees work despite the shifts brought by the pandemic. Also, this technological strategy employed by PepsiCo will improve teamwork. It is because members will establish how they work best together and determine how works get done. The work that works policy is beneficial to the employees because it gives them the freedom and support they need to work at home based on their needs effectively. Besides, this strategy will also benefit the investors by increasing the organization’s performance despite the challenges faced with the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, meeting the needs of the employees promotes sustainability goals for the investors.

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Social media revolution