Colonialism and imperialism

In what manner or ways has colonialism and imperialism influenced nationalism in non-European states. E.g can focus on Africa or asia or both.

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possible ideas for two out of three body paragraphs

1) Self-determination:

2) colonialism caused Ethic nationalism particularly in Africa after European powers left.




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According to Ocheni and Basil, the imperialist was more brutal to the indigenous people, and they subjected them to tough, unsafe, and inhuman conditions that were extremely hard for their survival (52). By seeing the mistreatment that they encountered at the hands of imperialists created anger and agitation among themselves. Consequently, they forced Africans and Asians in these countries to work for colonial masters where unsustainable income.  Colonies were driven by their urge to defend their cultural and territorial integrity.  Therefore, colonialism and imperialism in these countries influenced nationalism in the non-European countries by increasing the need for self-determination. According to D’Souza, self-determination is the cardinal right in modern international law (63). The nationalism in colonized non-European states was essentially motivated by the quest for self-determination.

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Colonialism and imperialism