Mitigation and Response Plan

Case Study: “Assess the likelihood of terrorists taking hostages at a local mosque in Riyadh and develop a plan for the Ministry of Interior that :

• responds to this threat by covering prevention, mitigation and response,

• utilizes international best practices

• Is consistent with the ethical and legal responsibilities of security officers.”

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So far, all terrorist attacks directed at religious installations have either involved mass shootings, whereby a gunman enters a mosque and starts indiscriminately shooting occupants within the facility, as it happened during the March 15th, 2019 terrorist attack at mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, or bombings. Even though until now, no documented case of terrorists walking into a mosque and taking hostages, rather than just killing them, it would be reasonable to believe that such an occurrence might happen in the near future, considering the tendency of terrorists to evolve, adapt, and change their tactics.  Mosques in Riyadh have so far not been attacked by terrorists, with a probable incident foiled in 2012, after the planners were arrested and bomb-making materials were found within a mosque located in Riyadh.

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Mitigation and Response Plan