Business ethics

  1. Choose 5 DIFFERENT CASE STUDIES (these can be those we discuss or those we don’t; as long as they are from the TEXT, any case study will work).
  2. You are to analyze ALL 5 of the case studies using ONLY ONE of the following ethical theories: Kantian Deontology, Utilitarianism, Nozick’s theory, virtue ethics, Rawls’ theory, or Marxism.
  3. Make sure you provide a paragraph that accurately describes the theory you will be using.
  4. Make sure you describe the case study before you apply the theory.
  5. Provide a general assessment of the paper.
  6. Avoid using phrases like: “In my opinion,” “I believe,” “Ethics is difficult and not certain, so it is hard to tell if this ethical theory is right or not.” This is an ETHICS course, so don’t do or say anything in your ETHICS PAPER that would undermine ethics as a discipline. Further, you are making an ARGUMENT in this paper, as such there is no room for “personal opinions” or “feelings.” Just turn those opinions and feelings into statements of fact.
  7. This paper should be no less than 8 full pages and no more than 10. This papers should be well written, typed, doubled spaced, 12 point font, Times New Roman (Or equivalent font). No cover sheet needed. Include proper citation.


Requirements: 8 to 10 pages

It is a essay writing paper based on some case study documents which I already attached. You can also use case studies from other sources.

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Another right decision made by the company was adopting the concept of retailtainment. Under this concept, the company partnered with famous musicians and entertainment companies to showcase their creations and songs on the TV screens and radios within its stores (McNally, 2005). Due to this, customers were exposed to screens and radios playing songs that kept them entertained while shopping. According to McNally (2005), this decision was made to enhance customers’ shopping experience. This decision was the correct and ethical one since it improved the happiness and satisfaction of most customers. Furthermore, it also boosted the company’s sales revenue, considering the improved shopping experience offered by the company attracted many customers and forced them to spend more time and money in the store. Outsourcing is a common theme in the contemporary global corporate arena. According to McNally (2005), outsourcing generally denotes contracting some functions of an organization’s operations

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Business ethics