Financial aspect

After discussion with your preceptor, name one financial aspect, one quality aspect, and one clinical aspect that need to be taken into account for developing the evidence-based change proposal (Fall prevention for at risk patients). Explain how your proposal will directly and indirectly impact each of the aspects.

Requirements: 200-250

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The quality aspect will also be influenced by this evidence-based change proposal that minimizes falls among at-risk patients. The quality of care will improve with this proposal since it will reduce the need for antipsychotic drugs among certain at-risk patients (Shubert et al., 2014). Medications such as haloperidol and risperidone are often administered to clients with mental illnesses, which causes sedation, loss of balance, and reduced reflexes that increase fall risks. However, this proposal will offer better strategies such as eliminating environmental hazards and lowering beds. As a result, the quality of care and patient health outcomes will increase since removing such drugs for specific patients will provide safer measures.

Lastly, the clinical aspect will also be impacted by the proposal to prevent falls for at-risk

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Financial aspect