COVID and Its Effects on Funeral Service

The COVID-19 pandemic and its affects on the FD and funeral service? How has funeral service changed due to the pandemic and how will FDs and cemeteries adjust to the increase in cremations? Will the increase in cremations continue post Covid.

You must submit a research paper on the topic above. how Things to consider addressing in your research paper include:

Title of your research paper – example titles – COVID and it’s affects on funeral service; Are cemeteries suffering because of Covid; Due to Covid, is the traditional funeral service now a ceremony of the past? (These are my thoughts on potential topics and are only example to give you ideas…be original with your topic.)

2. DESCRIBE HOW COVID 19 HAS AFFECTED/CHANGED MODERN DAY FUNERAL SERVICE. Examples of how FS has changed and how it will continue to evolve…green burials, cremations, alternate disposition.

3. HAS COVID 19 placed additional stress on the Funeral Directors’ approach and ability to provide families with the service of their choice? Examples to consider include financial aspects; emotional, etc…


Due to the increasing cases of Covid and deaths associated with the virus, how does the future of FS look for the FD and/or cemeteries.

There are many resources on Google and in various funeral service-oriented trade magazines that you can use for research purposes. Please ensure that you site. all resources used. You may also talk with/interview funeral service professionals that you know to gain insight and include in your project. List that individuals name, the funeral home they own and/or work at, their city and state.

Your research paper/project must be:

• NO LESS THAN 1000 words and NO MORE THAN 3500 words (approximately three to four pages).

• 12-point font in either Times New Roman or Arial.

• Single-spaced in the paragraphs, double-spaced between paragraphs

• You must cite your sources in the text and have a separate reference page. The reference page IS NOT INCLUDED IN YOUR WORD COUNT.

Requirements: 3-4 pages

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Additionally, family members opted for alternative methods of burial, especially cremation. According to Van Overmeire and Bilsen (2020), the Texas funeral service commission (TFSC) had 10% cremations before the coronavirus pandemic and 90% cremation upon the virus’s onset. More families opted for cremation as it was the easiest way to bury their loved ones. Cremation does not involve embalming of the body and eliminates the search for a burial site. The NFDA stated that there is currently no law that forces families to cremate their loved ones’ remains, although families should check on the state and local laws when choosing between burials or cremation. Concerning green burials, the CDC states that green burials continue, although at a lower rate and through online platforms, yet there is no risk of being in the same room with the dead body of a loved one provided everyone maintains social distance. Natural burial cemeteries have witnessed a significant drop in green burials as more people turn to cremation.

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COVID and Its Effects on Funeral Service