Payroll Processing

Pretend you are the V.P. of Human Resources. Your payroll manager wants to outsource day-to-day processing of pay checks to a third party to allocate more time to financial analysis. In at least 200 words, describe at least three factors you would use to justify a decision to outsource or not outsource payroll processing.

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Another advantage of outsourcing is that rules and regulations governing the preparation of payroll change from time to time, and it is easy for outsourced personnel to keep up with these changes as compared to a company’s employee, especially if payroll is not his or her field of expertise (Lambert, 2005.) Outsourcing helps the company when things go wrong during the processing of the payroll; the company will not be held accountable. If the mistakes are not corrected to the company’s satisfaction, the company can take legal action against the payroll company or even look for another company.

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Payroll Processing