Competitive advantage in the marketplace

In Wk 2, you completed a SWOT analysis on a successful company that demonstrated a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Now, you will shift your focus to look at a company that is failing or experiencing challenges in the area of financial performance.

Select and research a company that is having financial difficulties or is on the brink of bankruptcy.

Review “Where Can I Find a Company’s Annual Report and Its SEC Filings?” from Investopedia.

Conduct a strategic analysis of the company’s current financial operations. Determine strategies for achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace and increasing financial performance.

Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis. When writing your analysis, complete the following:

Requirements: 1,050- to 1,400-word analysis.


WK2 assignment was

Research and select a sample strategic plan in an industry with which you are familiar or interested. Be sure it includes the various components of a typical strategic plan. Reference Figure 1.1 “Identifying a Company’s Strategy—What to Look For” in Ch. 1 of your text. This is your opportunity to create your own company – be an entrepreneur!!!!

Identify in 350 to 525 words what the plan does well, in addition to areas for improvement.

Discuss whether the plan:

and it was about food and beverage company
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Competitive advantage in the marketplace