Biological sex


Crooks, R.L. & Baur, K.(2021).Our sexuality .(14th ed).Cengage Learning. ISBN-13: 978-0357360750

Activity 2: Gender Identification

In youropinion, shouldwe as a societyworktowardeliminating the so-calledgenderdifferences? Why or why not? A men that hasbecome a fullwomen. Born a fullmanparticipating in allwomenonlyswim


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Secondly, gender differences determine the access to opportunities and resources, which impacts the ability to develop the affected individuals who are denied this opportunity. By eliminating gender differences, it ensures equal access to resources and opportunities. In places all over the world, women appear to be more underrepresented in careers, politics, and education, putting them at an economic disadvantage and becoming underrepresented in the decisions that impact their societies and their own lives compared to men. Gender differences impact inclusiveness and fairness; hence, they should be eliminated as they prevent some people from participating in events such as sports.


Biological sex