Pursuing the American Dream

This a revised assignment, below I will attach on a file the question and my answer. Make changes to my answer but keep the idea. Simply improve it. apply a strategy for the question. Using evidence from Between the World and Me, “Nativity for Two Salvadoran Women,” Passing, and Pudd’nhead Wilson, explain how this strategy may fail or succeed.

Between the world and me (movie)

Passing by Nella Larsen https://1lib.us/book/1714005/ae5245

Pudd’nhead Wilson file:///Users/manaf/Downloads/Puddnhead%20Wilson%20(Websters%20Thesaurus%20Edition)%20by%20Mark%20Twain%20(z-lib.org)%20(1).pdf

no outside sources. the two novels and the movie are the sources. make an updated paper to mine same concept but. a revised copy.

Requirements: 3 pages   |   .doc file

Between the world and me (movie) https://fod-infobase-com.proxymu.wrlc.org/p_ViewVideo.aspx?xtid=237721&tScript=0 username mmt19659, password Mamdouh12345

no outside sources, update my paper, use same concepts but an updated version for my paper.

please use evidence from the three texts

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Reading through the novel titled “Passing” and authored by Nella Larsen prompted me to question whether the pursuit of the American Dream is a worthwhile venture in light of the hidden aspects of American culture brought out in this novel. The plot of the novel gets brought out by Irene Redfield, who, even though she is an African American, her light skin makes people occasionally assume she is white, and she conveniently takes advantage of this, especially when it suits her (Larsen, 2016). Clare is Irene’s friend and is even lighter-skinned than Irene. She is married to a white man named John Bellew, even though he was unaware that Clare was not white when they exchanged vows. Claire assumed that despite her black identity, marrying a white man would give her access to a perfect life where she can do everything and her children afterward can achieve the American dream by receiving a good education, since they’re white, and as such, can attend good schools.

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Pursuing the American Dream