Leadership characteristics and skills

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Leaders are everywhere and hail from all walks of life. Sometimes they are business or government leaders, or even leaders in your own families. Most people meet someone in their lives whom they admire for their leadership characteristics and skills. Think about some leaders you have known or read about and why they inspired you.

Use the library, your course materials, and the Internet to research biographies of various leaders and leadership theories. Then, respond to the following:

Requirements: 500 to 600 words

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Jeffrey Preston Bezos is the chairman and chief executive officer of Amazon. He established the company on 5th July 1994 as a youth in his backyard in Bellevue, Washington (Lunenburg, 2012). The business began as a booking selling website. Later on, Jeff Bezos decided to expand its scope to include the sale of video games, electronics, apparel, jewellery, software, furniture, and food. Over time, it has evolved to become one of the leading multinational technology companies alongside Microsoft, Google and Apple (Lunenburg, 2012). The company’s success is solely attributed to Bezos’s effort in ensuring the company stays afloat. When the company commenced operations, some firms had a strong grip on the American market such a Walmart.

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Leadership characteristics and skills