World Mythological Tradition

You do not need to submit a copy of the myth. This assignment does not require a bibliography, but I need one citation … where you found your myth (in print/online). It is to be submitted on due date electronically (use PDF, DOC, or RTF as accepted file types), 2-3 pages, please make sure name and other info is on paper. Double space preferred, printed/typed, readable font. Do not just restate the myth.

Important: Analyze it using theories from our course, and with some particular questions in mind. Namely, what does it tell us about the culture or society that created it? Is this myth still relevant or meaningful to people today, and why? What theories might explain why this myth was created and utilized?

Requirements: 2-3 Pages

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I think that the myth of Poseidon is irrelevant in today’s society. There was limited scientific studies and research to explain natural phenomena like earthquakes when the tale was created. It was, therefore, easy for the people to believe that angry gods caused these phenomena. However, following the Age of Enlightenment, science, research and knowledge have sufficiently explained the existence of things that were once attributed to gods in myths (Baklanov, Baklanova, Erokhin, Ponarina & Akopyan, 2018). For instance, science has shown that the earthquakes presumably caused by Poseidon are a product of sudden slips that release energy in waves that travel through the earth’s crust, causing shaking.

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World Mythological Tradition