Health promotion project

Communities of all sizes experience health and related social problems such as disease, injury, violence, homelessness, and substance abuse. Using what you have learned in your readings, your own experiences, and your plans for your community health promotion project, respond to the following, taking into account the FEM guidelines:

  • How can public health officials identify and prioritize resources to address multiple problems and concerns as they prepare to allocate resources for prevention programs?

Support your answers by citing references from your text, assigned articles, or scholarly literature, and share relevant insights from your professional practice. Use correct APA formatting for all references and in-text citations.

Requirements: 1 page

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Secondly, the public health officials will identify the availability of current interventions on the healthcare concerns. These will help determine whether the interventions being made are effective in preventing healthcare concerns and whether they can be integrated to come up with a better solution and prevention program (Mitton, Donaldson, Dionne, & Peacock, 2021). The officials will also determine the ease of implementing the interventions. In addition, public health officials will identify the economic and societal costs of the health issue. Economic costs include monetary costs, including medical expenses, and societal impacts, such as the impacts of the disease on individuals and families (Mitton et al., 2021). For instance, the health concern, if not prevented, will lead to high costs of treatment and also may impact an individual’s ability to work and lead an everyday life. In addition, the public officials will work with the stakeholders,

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Health promotion project