Christian Servant Leadership

o This paper is the capstone of this class. Your topic should be centered on the transformation of/to healthcare servant leadership. The supplemental book for this class, The Tracks We Leave, should be used as a reference for your paper. o The paper is a key element of this class and should not be taken lightly. Some example topics for your paper could be:  Christian Servant Leadership in Today’s Long-Term Care Facilities  Servant Leadership in Private Practice Hospitals or Groups  Christian Servant Leadership as a Way of Life o Requirements: Paper must be 1,500 – 2,000 words, APA-compliant formatting, including title and References pages, and a minimum of five scholarly references must be included.RESEARCH ARTICLE SUMMARY (type 12 times Roman font, single space) Student Name_____________ Title of the Article: Author: Source: (where did you find the article?) Publication Date: (try no more than 6 months old) Subject/Main Idea/Concepts of the article: Identify points that seemed interesting to you: What questions, concerns, did this reading raise? Relate to the course material (chapter) other observations & concerns

Requirements: 1,500 – 2,000

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Spirituality is a vital component in a person’s life since it helps them move a step closer to perfection. As such, deep spirituality must reside in a person’s body and mind and in their soul. Nicolaides (2020) concedes that the working environment is a reflection of the dynamic and diverse cultural values, most of which are subject to change after the effluxion of time. Thus, people often end up finding themselves dealing with moral dilemmas because, on some occasions, their higher ethical values might clash with those embraced within their workplace. According to Nicolaides (2020), many private sector organizations tend to adopt Christian values only when their employees or customers are Christians. However, when diverse religious beliefs characterize the workplace, it becomes harder for organizations to enforce or embrace these values at the organizational level. Nicolaides (2020) argues that workplace diversity is creating a lot of challenges for these organizations, considering they have to foster a working environment that embraces inclusivity and freedom of expression and prevents abuse of this privilege.

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Christian Servant Leadership