Demographics and Relationship Information in US

My topic is: Murder by the Numbers Demographics and Relationship Information in US

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A Reflective Paper that must be a minimum of three (3) full pages and no more than four (4) pages in content length (i.e., this does not include a Title and/or the Reference page) on a topic of your choice that you read about in the textbook and/or we discussed in class. Points will be deducted for papers that do not meet or exceed the minimum or maximum page lengths.

Since this is a Reflective Paper, it may include “I” statements. You must utilize information from at least one (1) peer-reviewed journal. As a reminder, any information, that is not your own and/or widely known/accepted (i.e., George Washington was the first president of the United States), from the textbook, or PPTs (which are generally comprised of information from the textbook unless otherwise noted) must be cited. All citations shall be made utilizing American Psychological Association (APA) style, 7th edition, this includes both in-text citations and the References page.

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Requirements: 3 pages double spaced

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Evolutionary psychologists have different opinions on this issue. According to them, the variance in gender offending can be attributed to society’s evolved sex differences as well as the fact that men have historically competed for status and access to women (Sarre et al., 2021). Even though these two differing perspectives add value to discussions about the gender of offenders and the reasons for offending, I believe criminology is best placed to provide better answers. Criminology generally denotes the study of social and individual factors linked with crime and the individuals who commit them (Sarre et al., 2021). One of the well-established dictates of criminology is that men perpetrate violent crimes at a far higher rate than women (Sarre et al., 2021). Furthermore, evidence of this truth can be found in conviction rates.

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Demographics and Relationship Information in US