Incentive pay plans in organizations

This is the final submission for your project: Write a paper discussing the future of HR for your organization.


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  1. Discuss three considerations you believe might help determine whether to use individual or group incentive pay plans in organizations. Provide an example (real or imagined) of an effective match between a specific workplace setting and a suitable incentive plan. Describe why it’s effective.

    1. Illustrate the impact of an equitable benefits program on the competitive advantage of an organization
    2. QUESTION 3

      1. Discuss how the physical and emotional health of employees impacts organizational effectiveness. In your opinion, is a “safe” workforce the same as a “healthy” workforce? Defend your position.

        QUESTION 4

        1. Develop an argument opposing affirmative action policies. Be specific and offer more than one reason. As an HR manager, how might you alleviate some of the negativity associated with this opposing stance?

          QUESTION 5

          1. How will the evolving nature of work (how, what where, when, people perform their jobs) effect HR practices in the future? Provide examples and describe the impact on HRM

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          Even though employee compensation is important, benefits programs are also equally essential. This is because they send signals about what an organization wishes to become and how it motivates its employees (Werner & Balkin, 2021). Benefits programs are increasingly becoming a vital source of competitive advantage for organizations. However, for organizations to attain such outcomes, they must ensure that their benefits programs are equitable. When an organization has an equitable benefits program, it will prevent the organization from losing its talented minority employees since they will not have to deal with discriminatory workplace practices that undermine their career progression (Werner & Balkin, 2021). This outcome will give the company a competitive advantage, considering retaining its talented employees will ensure it consistently provides value to customers through its products or services (Werner & Balkin, 2021). Besides this, an equitable benefits program can improve an organization’s

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          Incentive pay plans in organizations