in Ernest Hemingway’s short story “Indian Camp” the author creates three characters, Nick, Nick’s father (Dr. Adams) and his Uncle George. In a well developed composition discuss how Hemingway uses specific details to create all three characters. Your essay should be five paragraphs long with an introduction, a paragraph on each of the characters and a conclusion. Remember to include only your own observations and other material from class notes.

Length: 500 words

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Lastly, the character of uncle George is created to introduce the place of a guiding force. Nick’s father is well conversant with a doctor’s workings, but the Indian camp is unfamiliar to him. Uncle George helps Dr. Adams while he is performing the procedure and is introduced as a reliable person that always praises Dr. Adams for his expertise. His words of praise and wisdom motivate the doctor and guide in understanding the Indian camp’. In the end, he disappears, lacking in the final scene, although nick’s father asserts that ‘he will be back again.’ Showing that his character is proof of an existing guiding force that will return multiple times in our lifetime, Hemingway also uses prejudice to create and explain uncle George’s essence. When she bites him, his Indian woman’s insult is evidence of his preference for one group of people over another. While the Indians find this funny, he is angered into abuses that further unveil his character’s underlying traits.

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