Technological advancement

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The implementation is the final part, everything is listed above

Implementation Plan Phase

Describe how to make your solution design a reality within the target organization. Addressed to middle and senior management, the implementation plan builds upon the prior two phases and should be appended to the previous deliverable. This deliverable is due in Week 8.

The plan is a road map to improve the state of IT Governance. It typically describes “what happens”, “when it happens”, “who makes it happen”, and the proof that the design works. A successful completion of the Implementation Plan should suggest that the organization has now transitioned to a better compliance and IT Governance posture.

Here are the key components of the Implementation Plan deliverable.
• Schedule policy changes by departments, functions, or organization(s).
• Identify potential pilot projects to support the implementation plan.
• Define periodic internal and/or external compliance audits to validate the implementation.

Course Project Expectations

Here is the list of the required content for the course project.
• Cover page
• Table of contents – the three phases and their sections
• Executive summary – one page, or less
• Problem definition statement
• Solution design overview
• Solution design
• Presentation of issue discovered and addressed
• Diagrams where appropriate
• Supporting information for actual events, regulations, breaches, crimes, etc.
• Potential or actual consequences of not implementing the suggested design.
• Risk assessment used in the solution design phase.
• Cost estimates where possible.
• Implementation overview
• Implementation schedule, required resources, and new/updated policies.
• Implementation operational impact forecast.
• Method used to prove the design addressed the requirements.
• Post-implementation expectations, benefits, and follow-up activities.
• References

Research: Use credible sources upon which to base your project report. In cases where the source is necessary, but credibility is not assured, you must note it in the text of your documents. You are required to use the APA style for both in-text citations and the References section of the project deliverable.

Originality: Use citations to indicate where ideas have come from outside sources. All writing must be in your own words. No direct quotations of outside sources are allowed without citations.

Deliverables: Everything should add value and move the reader to the next point. The minimum length of the final deliverable — not counting the cover page, table of contents, and references — is four double-spaced pages. The maximum length is eight pages. Unless approved by your professor, do not submit deliverables that have fewer or more pages than what is expected.

Requirements: 5-10 pages

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In the process of mitigating the risks associated with threats to cloud computing, the company will create new security policies about cybersecurity. The company expects all employees to enhance the security of its IT infrastructure through data privacy and network security. The employees will be required to create passwords by combining letters, numbers, and characters. The employees will not be allowed to log in to the company infrastructure using unsecured devices or public networks. The company will use anti-malware software to mitigate phishing or virus infection on its system. Anti-malware automatically mitigates data infiltration. Kahyaoglu & Caliyurt (2018) outline that anti-malware plays a considerable role in addressing the risk of information integrity. Therefore, updated malware mitigates the damage that could be caused by viruses and other malicious software. Employees are curtailed from disclosing any highly classified information related to the company to outsiders, competitors, or any other party.

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Technological advancement