Nonverbal differences

Four question assessment. Minimum 200 words for each question. Assessment questions attached.

Question 1  (minimum 200 words)

Discuss three nonverbal differences you might encounter if you are transferred to manage a company in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.



Question 2  (minimum 200 words)

Explain some of the differences in information systems in other countries and the effect those differences have on business relationships.



Question 3  (minimum 200 words)

Explain how people from different countries who speak the same language may still miscommunicate.



Question 4  (minimum 200 words)

Discuss the importance of understanding cultural differences when negotiating with people in another country.

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which impact international business relationships, either directly or indirectly. It is because the way businesses conduct their communication depends on the way it uses IS (Husam, Naser, El Talla, & Al Shobaki, 2018). An effective manager should understand the differences in the information systems in other countries to ensure that the use of IS would benefit a business relationship. The efficient use of IS reduces the cultural gap between countries, which positively impacts business relationships. For instance, different countries may have different perceptions of the person to use an IS and the channel to use when communicating. Some companies find it professional when they are contacted directly by a manager and not an assistant. Therefore, a business relationship will strengthen when a manager makes direct contact, or weaken if the company contacts through emails or an assistant. Another difference is at the time of making contact, where most countries find it rude to be contacted when they are not in a position to respond. If a company makes contact at an inconveniencing time, the business relationship will have a negative impact as the company will appear to be unprofessional.

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Nonverbal differences