Stereotyping of Islam

Read the textbook PART 2: Islam, chapter 5 (p. 79-92) & chapter 6 (p. 93-102). Type, and upload a one page précis for chapter 5 and a one page précis for chapter 6, each summarizing what you believe to be most important three things you learned in each chapter. Please use APA style. Also, please note, one of the things you must integrate is each of the FIVE PILLARS. Remember to use quotations and page citations.

Requirements: 1 page precis

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consciousness, thus staying connected to Him through shahada, Salat, and zakat. According to Saritropak (94), the Islam belief emphasizes, “there is no such thing as a profane or worldly, nonreligious action in Islam because every action has spiritual consciousness.” In this sense, individuals can evaluate their deeds based on the moral consciousness framework, revealing the intent behind the actions. Therefore, believers should seek solace from the Quran since it is the source of inspiration, as they practice sawm and hajj in compliance with the central principles of Islam, mainly the five pillars as mentioned (Saritropak, 99).

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Stereotyping of Islam