Prejudice and Discrimination

Be Honest. Do you think you have some prejudices? It’s one thing to have them and another to act on them. Where do you think your prejudices, if you have them, originated? Based on your readings, how would you propose getting rid of prejudices that you have? How does having these biases affect you? Have you ever been the target of discrimination–how easily do you think we can change people’s minds? Use research or materials from your readings to support your claims.

Requirements: no more than 200 words.

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Prejudice and discrimination are practiced in the society due to different believes that people hold. I believe I have prejudice towards Islam as a religion and the Islamic states around the world. Over time, I have developed a perception that Islam teaches its followers to be hostile towards non-Islam. They tend to seclude themselves from other people because they believe they are pure and unique compared to the rest. Interacting with these individuals has enabled me to understand that not every Muslim is an extremist. Some of them abhor such violent activities rampant in their religion (Kite & Whitley Jr, 2016). My prejudice towards Islam was brought about by the rampant cases of terrorism that hit the US and the world at large in the late twentieth century and the early twenty-first century. The hatred the Americans bore towards Islamism at the time affected my general perception of the religion.

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Prejudice and Discrimination