Mental health problems

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The need to belong.

We humans are social animals. We live and find safety in groups. We flourish and find happiness when connected in close, supportive relationships. Separation (or, worse, ostracism) triggers pain.

Discussion questions:

1. Are there ways in which the pandemic thwarts our need to belong?

2. If so, might the isolation increase risk of physical or mental health problems?

3. Are there ways we can nevertheless satisfy our need to belong?

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Isolation regulations are likely to increase people’s risk of getting physical and mental health issues due to heightened loneliness. Loneliness is a serious issue linked with increased levels of anxiety, cognitive decline, and stress. Generally, the lack of emotional expression through social interactions heightens the feelings of solitude.  Hence, this leads to negative impacts on mental health, impairing individuals’ ability to function and maintain their physical health.

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Mental health problems