Conflict and confrontation

Answer the given questions in at least 10 pages and for each topic it needs to be 3-4 pages. Also look at the attached instructions. There are three questions. Write your answers in essay form.

1. The ongoing conflict in the Middle East for over 70 years since 1948 is between Israel on the one hand and the Arab countries on the other. The Palestinian Problem is the major bone of contention.

Read about the Arab-Israel conflict and Palestine and answer the following questions:

(a) Give a historical background of the problem.

(b) What are the conflicting demands and concerns of the two sides: Israel and Palestine? What do they want?

(c) Why have most Arab states taken the side of Palestine? What is Arab nationalism?

(d) What is America’s policy toward Israel and the Arabs on the issue of Palestine.

Explain in detail each of the above questions.

2. International terrorism is the most serious issue in world politics at this time. Though Islam in itself does not promote terrorism which kills innocent people, somehow terrorist acts wherever they take place are carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam. They are also generally from the Middle East, like Saudi Arabia

Answer the following questions:

(a) What is terrorism? What is the best way to define and describe it?

(b) What are the terrorists trying to accomplish by their acts of terror like 9/11 in America? What is their motivation? Do they ever achieve their goal?

(c) Why most acts of terror are against America and the countries of Europe. What is the reason for their anger or hatred for America and Western societies?

3. The course is about the Middle East. Write an essay about the people, society and culture of the Middle East. Answer three questions in particular.

(a) Why is the Middle East called the Middle East? It is in the middle of what and east of where?

(b) The social status of women in general.

(c) As much as you know the Middle East, what are the THREE things you most like about it and THREE things most dislike about it?:

Requirements: 10 pages

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The second Arab-Israeli conflict took place in 1956 and was dubbed the Suez conflict. Egyptian president Gamal Abdel Nasser’s hostile stance toward Israel prompted him to nationalize the Suez Canal, which was controlled by British and French Concerns (Ovendale, 2015). In response to this, Britain and France agreed with Israel. Under this agreement, Israel would invade Egypt, and after this happened, Britain and France would intervene as peacemakers and assume control of the Suez Canal (Ovendale, 2015). In line with this agreement, Israel invaded the Sinai Peninsula in October 1956, leading to the capture of Rafah, Al-Arish, and Gaza and the occupation of the majority of the peninsula east of the canal. After the British and French intervened as planned, the UN sent an Emergency Force to the area, leading to the withdrawal of Israeli forces in March 1957. The third conflict occurred in 1967 and was dubbed the Six-Day War (Ovendale, 2015).

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Conflict and confrontation