Constitutional Controversy on Abortion

Make sure that you use information from your webtext (and properly cite it) in order to answer the prompt of your choice. Remember, your personal ideology and/or opinions are not relevant to your essay. The point of this assignment is to show me what you have learned, and that you can apply what you have learned to current events. The Supreme Court recently overturned precedent regarding abortion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (2022). More information on this case can be found here:

Explain why there is a CONSTITUTIONAL controversy over whether or not women have the right to have an abortion. How do supporters believe the Constitution protects the right to an abortion? Be specific. On the other hand, what argument is used by individuals and groups who argue that there is no Constitutional basis for the protection of abortion access? Each of these assignments should be written in essay format. These assignments should be at least 800 words each. You should rely on the material in the textbook to answer these prompts. If you write an essay that contains your opinion and does not rely MOSTLY on course material, your grade will be substantially negatively affected.

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On the other hand, one of the arguments presented by individuals to argue that there is no Constitutional basis for the protection of abortion access was based on a theory of liberty. Although the Fourteenth Amendment protects citizens’ privacy, abortion is not in the same classification. It heightens the scrutiny of abortion rights under the Due Process Clause of the amendment. Another argument is that for abortion to be deemed a Constitutional right, it must fall either on the rights guaranteed by the first eight amendments or deeply rooted in history. Also, it must be vital to the State’s ordered liberty. However, the interpretation of liberty in the question of liberty rights contradicts the court’s ardent views on liberty. The third argument to claim no constitutional basis for the protection of abortion access is that it is not part of a broader right supported by other precedents. Abortion rights are not justifiable as a component of other precedents since they challenge the concept of potential life. The court made an error in Roe v.

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Constitutional Controversy on Abortion