Supply chain strategy

As you prepare to respond to this post, refer to the “Just in Time (JIT) Supply Chain” Learning Activity. Watch the video and respond to the following. According to the video, what are the benefits of a JIT supply chain? Provide an example presented in the video. Next, what did you find most interesting about what the presenter said about a JIT supply chain? Explain your answer. Lastly, provide an example of when a JIT supply chain would work or when it would not.

Just in Time (JIT) Supply Chains


Can the just in time (JIT) strategy work for every company? As you watch this video, consider the conditions that are necessary for success in a JIT supply chain.


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The most interesting thing is that JIT ensures that only the goods required are manufactured. This boosts productivity by lowering the time and resources needed for production. As a result, production is faster, and production runs are shorter. JIT hence would only work if the company has a narrow product line and demands fewer goods moving on the work floor at any given moment. For example, if a company markets office furniture it does not sell the furniture, the company can order it after a customer has purchased it. The manufacturing company will directly deliver the furniture to the customer, hence saving on storage costs.

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Supply chain strategy