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This assignment will introduce you to the types of research available to you as managers or future managers.

Find a recent article in an Organizational Behavior, Management, or Psychology journal that piques your interest (see list of journals below). Choose a recent article (2020-2021) that describes a study that was conducted by the author, as opposed to an article in which the author describes someone else’s research. Articles that have a sustainability focus will be appreciated, but any topic that you find interesting and relevant will be fine. No credit will be given for articles that are 1) not empirical, and 2) older than 2020.

Briefly summarize the article (in your words, not the author’s words), and explain what the key “takeaways” are (e.g., how can managers use the knowledge gained from the research?). Be sure to mention the nature of the study (e.g., experimental, survey, case study, meta analysis), the nature and size of the sample, and the degree to which you believe the findings are 1) internally valid and 2) generalizable. End with a brief explanation of how you or your classmates might use the information gained from the study. Be sure to include a full citation of the article (i.e., authors, title, journal, year published, issue of journal, page numbers). You should keep your summary to three or four paragraphs. You’ll want to come up with a catchy title to draw classmates to your summary

.List of Journals: Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Organizational Behavior, Journal of Organizational Health Psychology, Journal of Vocational Behavior, Journal of Management, Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes, Academy of Management Journal, Personnel Psychology, California Management Review, Journal of Management , Organization Science, Group and Organization Management, Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology, Harvard Business Review, Sloan-MIT Management Review, Journal of Managerial Psychology, Journal of International Business Studies, Journal of Business and Psychology, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics

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Record your reflections and key take-aways

Requirements: answer all two questions

How to be a wise consumer of psychological research Dr. Denise Rousseau discusses evidence-based management:

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Chua and Jin (2020) combined two study types to complete the research project. The first type of study is the laboratory assessment study. This kind of study helps the researcher to acquire research findings by observing how a study sample responds to certain environmental conditions. During the laboratory study, Chua and Jin (2020) utilized a sample size of 450 participants. These participants were then paired where each contained both locals and foreigners to achieve cultural diversity. Then, each pair was assigned a task and isolated from the other. The study used video-recording to record the nature of collaboration between the paired participants. The result of this part of the study showed that women are good at solving intercultural conflict compared to men. Hence, they were able to achieve creative collaboration.

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Journal of Organizational Behavior