Criminal Justice Program Proposal

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Complete the last portion of your proposal by addressing the following maintenance and change-process elements: 750 WORDS

  • Describe communication processes among key personnel.
  • Describe the importance of cyclical evaluation to identify future problems and program development changes.
  • Describe the system you will use to continuously collect stakeholder concerns and recommendations.
  • Identify quality control criteria.
  • Describe monitoring strategies to evaluate personnel performance and program operations.
  • Reassess the entire program from start to finish and update any inconsistencies, contradictions, or inadequacies.

Finalize your Criminal Justice Program Proposal by compiling Parts I through VI into one cohesive 5,250- to 7,000-word cumulative proposal. Include a table of contents and any appendices as needed in the final version submitted to your faculty member. (SEE ATTACHED)

Create a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation that captures all sections of your proposal. Your presentation must represent your proposed program in its entirety.

Include detailed speaker notes in your presentation. Use complete sentences, with correct grammar and punctuation, to fully explain each slide as if you were giving an in-person presentation.

Format your proposal and presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Requirements: 1

  this is the last part of this assignment, you have previously worked on all five of the previous ones and now is the big one. I hope all the instructions are clear but if you need anything from my end please let me know. Is everything ok? Is the assignment understandable?
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The proposed criminal justice program will not only address the shortcomings of the current approach to dealing with juvenile offending but also cater to the developmental needs of juvenile offenders. Doing this is essential, considering it helps the juveniles to refrain from reoffending and prosper in their future personal and professional life. The new adjustment, requiring educators and mental health experts to conduct regular follow-ups with released juvenile offenders, will go a long way in helping achieve this objective. The youth are the future of any nation, and thus, their developmental needs should be catered for, even when they engage in delinquency.

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Criminal Justice Program Proposal