Kelly’s Assignment in Japan

Write a three-page analysis using the case study on “Kelly’s Assignment in Japan.”

Your analysis should address the questions listed below.

Your case study analysis should follow APA guidelines for formatting all resources, both in-text citations and references. Your analysis should include a title page and a reference page

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A person’s culture has an impact on how they conduct their business, an aspect that might explain the existence of different business etiquettes in different countries (Meisel, 2012). More often than not, failure to understand such differences can result in clashes in cultures, customs, and expectations. In Kelly’s case, the first such instance manifested itself in the form of the different living arrangements embraced within Japanese and American cultures. As an American, she was accustomed to people living in much bigger space than the one she encountered and the fact that such a small house would cost that much. In America, the situation is quite different, considering the size of an apartment is commensurate with the rent paid for its use.

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Kelly’s Assignment in Japan