Advancement of technology

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Due to the remarkable raise and advancement of technology, lots of large companies are moving forward to digitalize and virtualize how they do business internally and externally, such as virtual teams. Moreover, one of the virtual team advantages is the ability for a company to create the dream team without boundaries as it eliminates the element of desistance, core knowledge and skills limitation. With all these wonderful components there are many issues and might have a large negative impact to the whole process of creating a virtual team and working as and within a virtual team. These concerns can be outlined as the following:


  1. Define each negative factor and explain why it is an issue.
  2. Outline 2 solutions for each of the presented issues.

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Finally, productivity is another common challenge for virtual teams. Productivity is a challenge because it is challenging to keep virtual teams motivated. Teams used to constant monitoring in the traditional office setup can record a drop in productivity once they begin working away from the office where there is less accountability and structure[1] (Savu, 2019). It is possible to solve productivity issues by developing a defined structure that monitors the flow of work- for example, delivery of all the days’ work and task reports by midnight. Companies can also have reliable systems which balance engagement and freedom while monitoring goal achievement and critical result. An example is the objectives and key results (OKR) system by Google, which aligns goals and measures engagement simultaneously. In conclusion, communication, trust, and productivity are common challenges facing virtual teams, but, each is solvable with the implementation of effective strategies, tools and solutions to make virtual teams more effective.

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Advancement of technology