Environmental scan analysis

Read the KPMG report called “Reinventing Work” for this week’s case study. In this case study analysis you are charged to reinvent the California Miramar University using the guidelines offered to you in the KPMG paper, you are required to include an environmental scan analysis of CMU as well as a SWOT Analysis. You are asked to provide a reinvented CMU from three different perspectives:

1. Academics

2. Organization and Infrastructure

3. Business Model

4. Dimension

Using APA 6 style to format and write in 1,000 words, minimum 5 APA peer-review journal article references.

Requirements:   |   .doc file | Case Study | 1 pages, Single spaced

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It is important to note that the Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the potential of higher education. With the government directive to minimize social interactions, schools have been forced to adopt the online learning platform, which has impacted education during the pandemic. Most institutions have been able to offer all their courses on the online learning platform. The primary reason why California Miramar University opted to major in one study at the undergraduate level is that the management believed that facilitating several courses in distance education would be unsustainable. However, with the advancement in technology, the online platform has evolved. The same can enhance the creation of an effective platform that can simultaneously facilitate several courses’ instruction. Therefore the first initiative that the institution should take is to increase the number of units that they offer (Aithal & Kumar, 2015).

The management should diversify to different units such as arts, nursing, construction,

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Environmental scan analysis