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Consider what Wachter means by the following statement: “Laws and regulations largely inform individuals what they cannot do, but ethics instruct individuals and organization as to what they should do. Ethics are about doing the right thing, not about not doing the wrong thing.”

Give an example of an HR strategy that requires moral courage, conviction, and professional understanding to look out for workers and the public despite other pressures. Recommend an HR strategy to overcome the pressures. In your recommendation, cite a situation from your readings, research, and/or experience.

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conviction in order to defeat pressures.

Moral courage refers to the brave way of enforcing ethical norms despite the social cost. Pay-for-performance allows HR managers to compensate employees based on their efforts. Therefore, moral courage is needed to handle the resistance of unsatisfied employees. Moral conviction is the belief that people may be right or wrong. Therefore, pay-for-performance requires HR managers to rank employees based on how well they can accomplish their tasks. Besides, pay-for-performance requires professional understanding in order to know when some employees are performing better than others.The pressures associated with pay-for-performance include legal conditions that define the minimum compensation that each employee should receive. Also, ethical pressure includes making some employees feel less valued when they receive lesser compensation than their colleagues.

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HR strategy