Female In Law Enforcement In The US

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Criminal Justice

Text book for this class is Worrall, J., and Schmalleger, F. (2018). Policing. (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson. ISBN 139780134441924

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Worrall, J., and Schmalleger, F. (2018). Policing. (3rd ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

This is what I told the professor for my approval and a list of the References for this assignment. Hope I’m not flooding you with to much info, just trying to make it easier

I would like to do Women in Law Enforcement for my Core Assessment Topic. I choose this topic, because I think that women play an important role in law enforcement even though they make up a short percentage of law enforcement personnel. One of the reason’s that they play an important role, is their ability to deal with conflicts differently than men. Here are my six sources that I will be using for my Core Assessment. I retrieved 3 of the sources from the school library, two from the web and the last one is the text book for the class. Looking forward to your feedback on my topic and hoping to get this topic approved.

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According to Worral & Schmalleger (2018), women are still underrepresented in law enforcement agencies across. The underrepresentation is attributed to the perceptions of enforcement agencies that they require people who are aggressive, stable emotionally, and physically fit, attributes that were predominantly associated with men. The early females in police departments mainly did social work. Worral & Schmalleger (2018) says that after hiring one female officer in Portland, other police departments in the area hired women who primarily worked in managing juvenile delinquency. Yu (2018) says that women joined federal enforcement agencies after President Newtown signed an executive order that prohibited discrimination when hiring employees based on race and gender.

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Female In Law Enforcement In The US