Attributes of the brain hemispheres

Many people in the workplace attribute their perspectives to being either “right-brained” (emotions, feeling, intuition) or “left-brained” (analytical). This assignment will examine those statements, identify the attributes of the brain hemispheres, and identify the controversies surrounding the left-brain and right-brain concept.

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Most people within the working environment believe that their perspectives are informed by them being either “right-brained” or “left-brained.” This premise argues that individuals possess a dominant brain hemisphere (left or right) influencing their cognitive and personality traits (Shin et al., 2022). One of the key controversies surrounding this idea is that empirical proof does not support its notion of strong lateralization of brain functions (Shin et al., 2022). Another controversy is that it oversimplifies the complexities associated with brain functions (Shin et al., 2022). The final controversy is that the claim has been commercialized, resulting in not only the spread of misinformation but also perpetuating the claim’s myth (Shin et al., 2022).

  • Applying the knowledge of brain hemispheres to the workplace.

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Attributes of the brain hemispheres