Crime reduction action plan

The gangs in your town have become increasingly more violent over time. There have been several serious incidents of violence and drive-by shootings, an increase in drug traffic, and attempts to recruit new gang members in the local middle and high schools. In the past, your local police department chose not to partner with the community and failed to see a lasting reduction in gang activity. You know that they have recently started a new community policing program in an effort to try and address this situation.

Your supervisor at the juvenile justice non-profit organization where you work has asked you to create a plan for a community gang initiative that works with the police efforts. You recognize that increasing police patrols and gang arrests in the area are only a short-term solution. You want to implement a program that will provide a long-term solution through community and police cooperation.

Write an action plan of at least 3-5 pages that addresses this problem in the community. Your action plan should include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Several initiatives that will assist in rectifying the problems, including the following:
  • How can the negative effects of violence on children be lessened?
  • Do you believe that there should be a limitation on the violent video games that children are permitted to play? Explain your position.
  • What type of assistance will you ask for from the community as a whole?
  • What role will the police department take?
  • How will you measure the effectiveness of your plan?

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Requirements: 3 – 5 pages in depth

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Educating all key stakeholders who play vital roles in ensuring the safety of children is an effective strategy in reducing the negative effects of violence on children. Some of these stakeholders include parents, caregivers, teachers, medical professionals, and mental health professionals. Stakeholders’ awareness of children and violence will help them identify risk factors early to eliminate or manage them effectively (Al-Ali, Yaghy, Shattnawi & Al-Shdayfat, 2018). Additionally, knowledge empowers them to help children who have undergone violence and need physical, emotional, and psychological support. These stakeholders can be educated through seminars, conferences, and programs that teach on the topic of children and violence. Forming strong and wide networks of these stakeholders in the community is useful

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Crime reduction action plan